The Geebar was an exercise to build a gadget which could be used in the car. It's purpose is to display lateral G-force movement on series of LEDs Using an Arduino nano ATmega328P (5volt 16MHz), LED bar, Accelerometer and 12volt to 5volt power regulator. While driving around corners sideways force is calculated against highest and previous readings then displayed on the LED bar in a gamified mann…

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Apple TV enclosure

The client required a solution intergrating an Apple TV and HDMI switch with their conference room AV system. If you've ever picked up an Apple TV you'll notice how round and sexy it is but unfortunately this possess a challenge if you need to secure the device against light hands. A quick scribble on Google SketchUp and 5 hours of print time allowed a solution to house the equipment securly und…

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The alert box consists of an Freetronics Etherten (Arduino Uno clone) with an LCD display shield wrapped in a 3D printed enclosure. This provides the ability to read JSON or XML feeds from the internet and display digitally on an LCD screen. An analog notification was added by squeezing in a servo which raises a flag from the rear. This has also been proven to attract nearby cats. Source: T…

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