Deploy with MUP

Meteor UP Meteor has a convenient bundle feature for packaging your apps into a tarball for deployment, but you still need to manage the files and upstart on your remote host. Meteor Up (MUP) does this for us so you get logs, start/stop/status and environment vars, it is all controlled from your local machine. Like most of my posts this is more or less notes I've kept from various sources and m…

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Publish your own Meteor package

Intro We will walk through creating a simple Meteor package that manages an Icecream truck. Mostly how to create, structure and build a reusable Meteor package. Touching on OOP. Setup I generally keep my package development and tests in a seperate folder than my other Meteor projects. |meteorpackages/ |icecream/ |meteortestapps/ |testicecream/ mkdir meteortestapps…

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Why I'm excited about Meteor

It seems every few months a new framework popsup with new features and a young hip group to follow. Most of the time the features are new conventions or development patterns for solving common problems and the time savings usually pays off. Meteor brings with it many common solutions and new things that we haven't seen together in slim framework. DDP If you only read one thing about Meteor take a…

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