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Jason McIver

A Javascript developer excited about Meteor, Mongo, React and Node.


The Geebar was an exercise to build a gadget which could be used in the car. It's purpose is to display lateral G-force movement on series of LEDs

Using an Arduino nano ATmega328P (5volt 16MHz), LED bar, Accelerometer and 12volt to 5volt power regulator. While driving around corners sideways force is calculated against highest and previous readings then displayed on the LED bar in a gamified manner. To simultaneously take readings, count delays while stationary and display information, code had to be writen in an timed interval way as not to hold up other code. Running at 16MHz this gives the illusion that all things are happening at the same time.

The Geebar was further polished with startup animations, calibration mode and a menu to adjust G-force difficulty, sounds and LED brightness.